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You can be a Tshirt Tycoon without having to print a single Tshirt!

Earn $1.11 for every design printed

Yes... That’s right, publish your designs on our platform and get the word out on all social media. Everytime anybody prints your design, besides earning online points, you earn $1.11 per tshirt sold. This money is accumulated under your My Rewards page and can be cashed out anytime you want into your designated bank account.

We make it easy to redeem your rewards

Redeem your rewards anytime you like.

Insider Tip:

Let’s keep things appropriate to maintain the fun

While we would like to stay away from one way censorship, we strongly encourage you to stick to some basic guidelines to avoid your designs from being deleted from the site. Below are the guidelines:

  1. Avoid designing tshirts using elements that violate third party trademark or copyrights.
  2. Avoid offensive or violent content that may disrupt the fun experience of tshirt browsing for others.
  3. Please make sure your adult content is categorized appropriately.
  4. We do not support child abuse or child pornography. Such content is strictly prohibited.
  5. Please avoid duplicate content. In the case of duplicate content without trademarks or copyrights, the first content uploaded will be considered the original author on the platform and all subsequent content may be subject to deletion.
  6. One last thing is to avoid spamming the gallery with multiple tshirts of the same messages. Unfortunately, we will have to delete those too.

Keeping the gallery fresh and up-to-date

We would really love to archive your creations forever. However in the name of great user experience, we may clean up our database and remove designs from our gallery that have not been printed in the last 6 months. Please ensure that you have secure backups of your own designs.