European roulette pro


Unlike other versions of European Roulette, the game in European Roulette Pro includes bonus features and game elements. Among these are the ability to place neighboring bets to increase your chances of winning. Other features of this roulette game include the undo and clear all buttons, spin and double buttons, and the cancel and double buttons to cancel recent game maneuvers. These options are incredibly helpful and will keep you entertained even after hours of play.

To play this game, you first need to select your preferred stake, ranging from one to a maximum of 25. Next, choose a coin chip and place your bet. Once you’ve placed a bet, you can then select whether to bet on the number of the winning column or on the colour or odds/even numbers. There’s no set pattern for each number’s spin, and your bet can vary according to the result of the wheel.

After selecting a chip value, you need to click on the layout in the center. After you’ve made your first bet, click on ‘Delete All’ to delete any unused chips. You’re then ready to place bets on the number or color that you want to win. When the ball lands in your chosen number, you’ll get a payout. But don’t lose hope. There’s still hope.

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