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Dear Creative, what you wear can change your world…

We really love tshirts… And if you’re reading this, you probably do too. Have you ever wondered why? From the moment we are born, we wear tshirts as comfort wear. As time passes, we grow up and get to choose our tshirts and what each of them say. Perhaps we can see tshirts as a way to express our selves beyond just classic fashion. Some tshirts inspire us and spark conversations, many make us smile or even laugh out loud. Tshirts are a way to literally wear your heart on your sleeve. didn’t invent custom tshirts. We’re just here to evolve it to the next level. is a platform for every creative to design, print and share their tshirts with other creative hearts from all over world. When we say creative, we don’t mean designer, we mean the creative that lives in each and every one of us. In fact, we have made tshirt designing so easy; everyone can use it and bring out our inner most imagination and expression.

Why tshirts? Tshirts are so universal and super fun for everyone. Yet each one is unique and stands for a different purpose. We believe that tshirts shall bring our entire social world closer together, while allowing each of us to create unique sparks of emotions in our own circles. We seriously believe that if Steve were here with us, he would probably lose the turtleneck and share his expression on

STEVE? That’s a bold statement, we know. We went against all odds and norms to create some really great quality tshirts that we would wear everyday ourselves. Buy one and you’ll agree it’s serious business. Plus with your support, it’s only gonna get better. We would really appreciate you supporting this creative revolution… This platform is for you, dear Creative. We hope you enjoy it.

From your fellow Creatives,

Acknowledgement to Other Innovators Out There

We would like to thank all the tech companies, the social media platforms, the online tshirt stores, and the world’s leading online marketplaces that have inspired us to create this platform and take the tshirt and social media industry into the next level.

Let us together continue to learn, grow, serve, inspire, and transform the world with exciting innovations. Charlie


We've come a long long way together, through the hard times and the good... Now we get to experience the awesome 3rd version of! Just like kids growing up into teenagers and changing their hair style, their music selection, etc... has gone through different phases, maturing every step of the way, self discovering more of it's soul, it's true identity.

Thank you for continuing to support us, for wearing and sharing your expression, and for giving us the feedback we need to get better. This one's for you, dear Creative... We hope you enjoy it! And stay tuned for more... The best is yet to come. That's a promise.